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Despite recent fake news, we are more dedicated than ever to providing opportunities for affordable youth travel in Ireland. Providing young people with the opportunity to explore Ireland is one of the main reasons why An Óige exists. We were set up in 1931 to help young people travel in Ireland and we still have the same mission today. While our members are the backbone of our organisation, young people are the lifeblood that keeps us going.

Our efforts to promote youth travel in recent years have resulted in:

  • Renewing our board so that 50% of them are under 35
  • Voting in its youngest ever young chairperson, 26 year old Darragh Miller
  • Offering nearly 1000 disadvantaged young people free accommodation and activities
  • Bringing 20000 young people hiking in the Wicklow Hills with our volunteers
  • Providing hostel facilities for youth charities such as NYCI and Gaisce
  • Working with Fáilte Ireland to promote youth travel in Ireland by providing safe and affordable accommodation in the Irish landscape
  • Encouraging global youth travel through Hostelling International

We want young Irish people to get the benefits that many of us have enjoyed as a result of being able to access the Irish landscape. You can do your bit and help us in our mission by sharing your own experience of youth travel in Ireland.

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