About Us

For over 85 years now, An Óige – the Irish Youth Hostel Association has been providing safe, affordable accommodation and travel experiences to those travelling Ireland as backpackers, groups, or families. It is a non-profit organisation with a focus on its guests and providing the best budget accommodation in Ireland as is possible.

About An Oige

Since its inception in 1931, An Óige has expanded and added hostels and franchise hostels to its network as well as losing some hostels due to wear and tear and various incidents along the way!

Now, over 85 years on, we have 22 youth hostels located countrywide providing budget, good quality accommodation for travellers just like yourself, looking for adventure and fun. Nowadays hostels range from high quality city centre buildings with hundreds of beds to small rustic hostels in rural settings.

An Óige is part of a worldwide network of national organisations belonging to the International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF). This entire network, known as Hostelling International, offers more than 4,000 hostels in over 90 countries.