A Day in Galway City

It’s nearly impossible to walk down the Latin Quarter in Galway City without these famous lines coming to mind: Well, I took a stroll on the old long walk of a day -I-ay-I-ay…. You have to be one kind of a town to have a song written after you; the likes of Chicago, New York […]

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Top 10 Free Things to do in Dublin

Top 10 FREE Things to do in Dublin

  Dublin has loads of things to do! And many of the things you can do are free! We have compiled a list of our top free things to do in Dublin. Top 10 FREE Things to do in Dublin   1. The National Museum of Ireland – This actually includes three museums in Dublin: Decorative Arts […]

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City Break Dublin: Glasnevin Cemetery and Botanical Gardens

When it is time to visit Dublin, people think of Temple Bar area, Phoenix Park, the docks… But there is something more to this little big city of Ireland. Take the interactive museum of Glasnevin Cemetery and the heritage the place has or the Botanical Gardens. Do you want to visit Dublin as a true […]

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