Cork/Kerry Cycling Group

The An Óige – Irish Youth Hostel Association Cork / Kerry Regional Cycling Group was founded in 1938 and is still going strong. The group is concentrated in and around Cork City.

Our principal activity is leisure cycling. We don’t go as fast or as far as “road” cyclists.  Our bikes will often be hybrids or touring bikes, with a carrier, and the greener the grassy strip in the middle of the road, the better. However, this doesn’t mean we aren’t fit, or afraid of a little climbing.

We hold Thursday evening cycles during the summer months.

There are three groups: long, medium and short, and typical distances would be 50 km for the long distance cycles, 40km for the medium distance cycles, and 30km for the short distance cycles, depending on how hilly the route is. We have Saturday morning cycles from September to March. Cycling weekends away are organised monthly for most of the year.

The group also organises monthly leisure walks on roads or tracks, on a Sunday.

To participate in our activities, you need an An Óige membership. You will need a reasonable level of fitness for cycling and walking.

Contact for further information.

We have a Facebook page too at where you can see lots more of what we do.