Cork Slang

Cork slang is something that visitors to our hostel in Cork are always inquiring about. Hostellers love the place but they often remark how they talk “funny” in the Rebel County. To help those who are planning a trip to Cork or even our interns who don’t quite understand all the words we use, here’s a helpful list of cork idioms used on a daily basis in the People’s Republic of Cork.

  • Putting Boi or guuurl at the end of any sentence if you are talking to a male or female.
Hey guuurl
Hey guuurl
  • If someone is ‘odd’ it means they’re angry or mad
I'm so odd!
I’m so odd!
  • ‘That is Mank’ is something that is terrible or sad.

Kitty is mank mank

  • To ‘balm out’ means to lie down and chill.

Just balm out dude.

  • ‘Gawk’ means you are going to be sick.

so gawked

  • ‘Langer’ means many a thing, someone could be ‘Langers’ and they would be drunk, they could be a ‘Langer’ and they are an annoying person. It also is another word for a penis

Pissed and langered

  • ‘Rasa’ is a raspberry cordial that is used to mix your spirits with. ‘Vodka with a splash of rasa there guurl’
  • ‘mint’ means something is cool or great.
mint like arnie
mint like arnie
  • If somewhere was ‘jointed’ it means it was packed, really busy.

  • ‘Bop off’ means you look exactly like someone or the image of someone.

  • A ‘feen’ is another word for a male but also a chance. ‘He was some feen to get away with that’.
  • ‘I will yeah’ means not a chance they will do it.
I will yeah...not do that.
I will yeah…not do that.
  • Being ‘in bits’ means you are not doing well. It can apply to being upset or hungover.

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