An Óige Conservation Group

An Óige Conservation Group


The main aim of the An Óige Conservation Group is to make both guests and members of An Óige aware of the importance of environmental issues near our hostels.

We are currently developing a Conservation Management Plan for the land (24 hectares) attached to our Knockree Hostel in County Wicklow. At present we have a Native Woodland Scheme on site and the Wicklow Way goes through our land by the Glencree river. Unfortunately, much of the land has been overgrown by bracken and is generally neglected.

The overall objective of the plan is to end up with a site that has conserved, enhanced and restored habitats, ecosystems and biodiversity which is used by the hostelling association, members and visitors. The site will be officially protected from exploitation and destruction and will be preserved for future generations, especially the young.

We are currently looking for volunteers with experience and relevant qualifications to join our team and help us with the following aspects of this worthwhile project;

– Drawing up and implementing a Nature Conservation Plan.
– Sourcing funding from public and private sectors.
– Carry out habitat and ecological survey.

You can also connect with the Knockree Conservation Volunteers on Facebook.

Along with this major project, we are also trying to achieve Eco labels or the Green Hospitality Award for as many the An Óige Hostels as possible. We often organise cultural activities, heritage walks and clean ups of local areas near our hostels

If you would like to join the cause please sign up to our volunteer database and we will be in touch.

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