Looking for a taste of adventure? Play At Height Adventure in Killarney might just be the answer!


high ropes 2

If you want to feel the adventure through the trees, then Play-at-Height also offers an outdoor high ropes course just outside of Killarney International Hostel. There are two heights to choose from. The first one is 15 feet high and is suitable for families and groups. Walk the plank, scale the cargo net and tackle the wobbly bridge!

high ropes

The other level is 35 feet and is designed for over 16s only. Apart from the difference in height, there are more challenges added to this course, such as the aerial surf board, swinging logs and 2 zip wires.

high ropes 3

Feeling the adrenaline rush already? Book your stay at Killarney International Hostel and prepare yourself to go up there with Play-at-Height. If you are thinking of learning rock climbing, just head over to their headquarters in Dingle, really not that far away from the hostel.

Visit the Play-at-Height website for more information, or call our Killarney International Hostel today!

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