11 Travel Tips for Young People in Ireland


Travel tips for young people in Ireland tend to concentrate on the over 25s with plenty of money. Younger people tend to be forgotten about when it comes to travel. No more. We think Ireland is one of the most amazing countries in the world to explore for under 25s. You can’t get closer. It is safe while also being adventurous. It is a great place to meet different nationalities as they flock here to experience our Star Wars filming, Game of Thrones touring, Wild Atlantic Waying beautiful country. There are over 84000 square metres of wide open land to explore which is as big as the internet but a good bit more in yer face. If you are not used to it you might think it is better to stay at home. Fear not, we have some travel tips for those of you about to set off on your first great Irish Adventure.

1. Take your Time

You won’t see it at all if you try and squeeze it all in. The best thing about staying in hostels in Ireland is the views and the people. If you are rushing to get to another location you will miss both. Watching the sunset off the coast of Tramore or over Tory Island from the beach at Trá na Rosann takes time. Having the banter with a local at a coffee shop is worth the hour or two. You would learn more in those two hours that you could learn from a guide book. Travelling around Ireland takes a lifetime. We have members who are still exploring boreens and trails they never knew existed.

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2. Ask for advice

Ireland is small. You know someone who has been to most places in Ireland before or has relatives in an area so ask your friends for advice when going somewhere new. Google the area, search hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. You never know, you might find a local that does free tours or a great trail that most people don’t use.

3. Supplies

You don’t need a sleeping bag. Times have changed and bedding is provided nowadays in hostels. Do bring a towel – you can rent a towel but they are normally on the smaller size. Invest in a travel towel. You will get years out of it and they dry easily. Bring a good pair of walking shoes. You will want to stroll and explore. Remember that most hostels have washing machines and dryers so don’t bring more clothes than you need! Apart from Glenmalure. That is special and only for hardy folk who like to wash in streams and cook giant meals on spits outdoors.

4. Route Plan

Check our hostel guide and plan your route. Unfortunately we don’t have the best transport system out there. In saying that we have a lot of private companies covering routes. Look at all the options and not just the public transport options. In some cases the private bus companies can get you there faster such as St Kevin’s Bus to Glendalough. If you have a car, google map it but have a back up map in case your phone dies. Trust us on this. Plus, always add half hour to any journey in case you meet some weird sights on the road.



5. Fodder

Don’t make your trip expensive by not using the kitchens. Think about your normal supermarket shop. If you and three friends all throw in 20 quid and bargain shop, you have got yourself food for the whole weekend. If you can’t be bothered, some like Dublin International Hostel offer continental breakfast as well, so check and see if the one you are staying in does the same!

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6. Room Choice

Decide whether you are going private or dorm. Either is fine for hostelling, but know before you hit the road. Sharing is cheaper, better crack and you will make friends easier. You might end up with a snorer in your room but if that annoys you chances are that you are not cut out for dorms. Nothing to be ashamed of. Ask for a private room and treat yourself to the extra luxury that you need.

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7. Off Book

Don’t live by the guide book. Strike up conversations with fellow travellers. Ask the locals where to eat food. Ask the bartender what you should do in the area. Remember that guidebooks are written by travellers who ask locals where all the happening stuff is. Hostel staff know everything there is to know about a place whether it is what trails to walk near Dun Chaoin to see the Blasket Islands or the best bikes to hire near Ballyhoura Hostel.

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8. Cash

Taking away accommodation and transport, you should be able to do Ireland on 20 quid a day. Bring more money just in case. Our rule of thumb is always have enough to get you home even if you need to get a ferry from Cape Clear or Clare Island. Ireland is full of opportunities you will chance across like private gigs, popup pubs and new attractions which appear every year.

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9. Extras

Join online deal platforms like Groupon or Living Social. Sometimes you can get a show for 5€, or half price tourist attraction tickets or even a free meal. And if you don’t like spam, just go into the first email and click un-subscribe. You will still have the account but none of the emails!

10. Remember your manners

We all know this from a young age so don’t forget to say sorry for bumping into someone on the street, give way to those who are going uphill, wave and nod at everyone in the country, apologise when asking to be served and thank the bus driver. ‘Tis the Irish way.



11. Leave no Trace

Ireland is still green for a reason. Pick up after yourself. Don’t litter. It makes you look like someone who does not respect the planet where you live. Take your rubbish with you and find a proper bin. Get a water bottle for the whole journey, not disposable ones. Fill up from a good water supply in the hostels. Simples.

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