Why you shouldn’t go to Cliffs of Moher

Ireland is known for Dublin, leprechauns, good pints of beer and the wonderful shamrock. That is… mostly. When you end up on the west coast though, you discover something so beautiful you will not want to see it actually. Why? Because you would want to stay there. Forever! What are we talking about? The Cliffs of Moher, of course!

We took a tour over the west coast at the Cliffs of Moher with the Wild Rover Day Tours and what we discovered is that we definitely have to go back and stay there. Yes, forever!

cliffs of moher
Cliffs of Moher planet

This is why we came up with the following list:

Why you shouldn’t go to the Cliffs of Moher

1. Far away from Dublin

If you want to escape Dublin and enjoy the peace and quiet of a typical Irish landscape, filled with wonderful views, then this is the place for you. You know those old rocky hedges, sheep running around, green grass? All this is there.

2. The weather

Some say that the Irish weather is totally weird. And they say this about the East part of Ireland. Imagine the west coast. Not only that it’s usually windy, but how else would you experience the Wild Atlantic Way? Sometimes the waves are so huge that it makes the Cliffs of Moher look even more incredible. Other times you can have the water so still that you would think beneath the cliffs is just glass. As we saw it couple of days ago. Which one would you choose?

cliffs of moher
Where is the sun?

3. The wilderness

Speaking of the Wild Atlantic Way… If you don’t like wild places, don’t go to the Cliffs of Moher. Not only that you have amazingly looking cliffs, with views towards the Atlantic Ocean that take your breath away, with basking sharks and dolphins going around, but then you get lots of birds nesting on the rocks… And the sounds they make are so nice, they will definitely ruin your daily work routine. If you catch some waves beneath the Cliffs, you are in for a special treatment. Really, the epicness…

cliffs of moher
Oh, look, falling rocks!

4. That one rock that sticks out the most

If you look online for the Cliffs, you will mostly find more general photos of it. When you actually get there, you discover that you can actually stay on the ledge and see nothing but the ocean beneath you. How cool is that?

cliffs of moher

5. The beauty of Ireland

Cliffs of Moher have just been voted “Best Cliff view in the world” by Conde Nast Traveler. Next to that you have the beautiful green grass fields, with sheep, birds and cows. You get a feeling that Ireland truly is a peacefull place, one that is not just about pubs and Dublin, but more about being out there, live life to the fullest and meet lovely people. That’s what beauty of Ireland means and that’s why you shouldn’t go to the Cliffs of Moher. Honestly, you will not want to go back home afterwards.

cliffs of moher
Now that is beautiful!

Interested in going there and seeing for yourself? Why not book a tour with Wild Rover Day Tours? They leave every day and the guides are hilarious. Make sure to pay attention to their jokes. The Cliffs of Moher tour also includes a stop at The Burren (which is the best place to see how Ireland is similar to Iceland actually) and then Galway. If you stay at Dublin International Hostel, just book at reception and get a special discount!

Are you ready to say #HiIreland at the Cliffs of Moher? Check the video:

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