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 Are you able for the Volunteer Hostel experience?

Our volunteer hostels are open every day for the summer season now. Now is the time for you to discover what you are really made of! Do you think you can throw yourself into some real hostelling experiences, ones that are so special and different that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about hostelling. Think you can handle it?

1. Can you survive without WiFi?

Every hostel has to have WiFi, right? Yes, unless you want something completely different. The volunteer Irish hostel experience is one of these rare animals that the internet has not touched yet. This is the way we like it. We have found that when you are not busy searching the internet or scrolling through your facebook feed for something that you might have missed you actually discover many beautiful things, conversations and people which are right in front of you. In all three of our volunteer hostels there is no WiFi. How cool is that? That means you can fully immerse yourself in the surroundings. After all, what is the point of getting away from it all just to answer emails from the Boss?

no wifi sigh

2. Do you like Stories?

Hostels and stories go together like  maps and adventure. In these three hostels the most special, heartwarming, amazing and surprising stories are made day in day out. Every hosteller has their own story and background. When you walk through the hostel or just sit outside on a bench to watch the sun go down, you can feel the stories of all the people were there before you. Every single person you’ll meet at a volunteer hostel has something in common with you. They made a decision to put in a bit of extra effort to get somewhere where not everybody goes. Actually, Tra Na Rosann and Glenmalure even require a little bit of extra navigation skills. They are not easy to find, even with the latest cool smartphone with GPS. When you finally manage to get there, every single person is happy to see that you made it and is sharing that experience with you. You have really arrived!

volunteer hostel ben lettery view

3. Are you a People Person?

The people who volunteer in our hostels are really interesting to talk to. They volunteer because they are interested in talking to people. Your fellow hostellers are also really interested in what your plans are, or what you already did in and around the hostel. Maybe you even could go on a hike together the next day? Perhaps the guy in the corner has the ultimate tips to get to that secret waterfall or the girl on the other side of the table just got back from the cycle route you wanted to check out. You might find people to have fun with for an evening, a couple of days.. or your next travel buddy.. or maybe even love. Interesting people are guaranteed! Are you up for those kind of experiences?

volunteer hostel view

4. Do you like to sit and stare into space?

One of the things we like about the volunteer hostels is that there is nothing to do there. Nothing! People just sit around staring into space. It takes some getting used to. Every now and then someone will jump up in a fit of peculiar energy and go off to climb a mountain or jump in a lake or just to check that the rest of the world exists. They soon return, looking slightly embarrassed by their inability to sit still, circle for a while like a dog looking for its favourite spot and settle down again to do more nothing. There is a rhythm to life in our volunteer hostels that is quite different to the rest of Ireland. These are the type of places where cycling to the local village for milk is called going to the Big Smoke. The pace here is the pace of the universe. It is slow like the mountains, big like the sea and long like the time it takes the stars to stare back at us as we sit outside staring into space in the clear night sky.

volunteer hostel night sky

5. Are you able for real hostels?

If living without WiFi already sounds like you’re back in the olden days,try Glenmalure Hostel. Back to basics, getting in touch with the beautiful nature around you – who is not up for a bit of that? In Tra Na Rosann and Ben Lettery there is electricity so it is not that wild really, but if you travel to our Glenmalure Hostel it is like travelling back in time. No running water (except for the ice cold river beside the hostel where people dip in the Summer), no electricity and no mobile network (unless you go for a walk up the side of the mountain and hold your phone up in the air in the hope of catching a random signal). So it is like you are back in the old days again. Everyone says that this is a memory you won’t forget anytime soon! Where in Ireland are you going to experience that!

If you think you can handle all of the above; you are ready to pack your backpack, dust off your hiking boots, check the routes and book your bed in one our unique hostels to check the real Irish Volunteer Hostel experience off your bucket list. See you there!

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