City Break Dublin: Glasnevin Cemetery and Botanical Gardens

When it is time to visit Dublin, people think of Temple Bar area, Phoenix Park, the docks… But there is something more to this little big city of Ireland. Take the interactive museum of Glasnevin Cemetery and the heritage the place has or the Botanical Gardens. Do you want to visit Dublin as a true explorer? Then start from here.


Visit Dublin: Glasnevin Museum and Cemetery

The Glasnevin Museum is part of the Glasnevin Cemetery, one of the largest in Europe and the place where the most influential people of Ireland are resting. It may not seem like a happy place to visit but if you want to get into the Irish culture and understand the troubled history, it’s a must.

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Seeing the graves of the likes of Parnell or O’Connell might not be seen as important for a foreign tourist, but one can still see how big the place really is and how much people care about it. Not only does it have the biggest number of graves and, as the guide says, “more -residents- than Dublin” at the moment, it is also a good place to learn about the background of Dublin. The centre of attention is O’Connell’s grave, right in the middle, with the big tower being seen from far away, reaching for the sky.

The museum is interactive and you can find details about O’Connell, Parnell, the war, soldier stories and documents from ages and ages. Head on over there when the sun is shining, because then you can enter the Botanical Gardens and relax between the trees and plants.

Visit Dublin: National Botanical Gardens

As everything Irish, the botanical gardens are not huge, but extremely cozy and with a good vibe in them. Take a stroll through alpine fields or inside the glass houses which are home to some of the most interesting plants out there. Experience the magic of The Burren geological area right in Dublin or stroll by the river flora.


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The National Botanical Gardens are truly a wonderful place if you want a city break. Just 20 min away from the center it is extremely quiet, even more than the better known Phoenix Park. What’s even better, if you stay at our Dublin International Hostel you can walk to both these places! Amazing!

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