Unknown Waymont…


Waymont was another thing that just came in our way while we were driving along the Wild Atlantic Way! We arrived at Dún Chaoin hostel around noon and we were up for a hike in the neighborhood. The weather was perfect, the sun was shining and I was even walking on my flip-flops with my sunglasses on my head! If that’s not summer, I don’t know what is!

We unpacked our stuff and we asked the Hostel Manager Carmel for some nice and scenic routes in the neighbourhood. She took great pleasure in showing us all the different possibilities on the map in the reception area. After we got some ideas from her we took off. The plan was to drive to some beaches and walk along the cliffs for a while there.

But as easily distracted as we are we saw such beautiful things while we were in the car that of course we didn’t make it to the beaches we planned! Typical Irish adventure. First it came to us that we forgot to have lunch and at that exact moment we drove past an amazing viewpoint called Waymont (on Google Maps they call it that; otherwise there is no sign or anything). You will just pass it along the one and only major road that goes around the area. There is space to park a couple of cars along the road so we parked there and walked up the rocks and sank away in mud. There footpath up the hill is not the best but as a modern explorer you can manage that right?

two girls having lunch on some rocks
Not too bad a lunch spot right?

We sat down to have lunch and it was one of the most amazing places I’ve ever eaten a sandwich! The views, the height, the ocean, the islands, everything together made it a really special place. Unfortunately the wind was quite strong and made us cold really quickly so we walked around for a bit and headed back to the car.

looking down from the cliffs into the water

Our plan was still the same but once we were on the road again soon it changed because of another pretty beach we saw. It was just a few minutes from our awesome lunch spot. When you follow the road it is the first turn to the left (the road turns to the right when there is a small road heading left, that’s the one!)

At the end of the road is a small parking lot where we parked and walked down to the sand. There was no one at the beach, the sky was completely blue and the sun was shining really bright. The beach is surrounded by big cliffs so there is not as much wind as you would expect and this was the perfect setting to spend our afternoon. To see the waves crushing into the rocks is something I can watch for hours and hours… so we just sat down and watched…

waves crushing into rocks at beach

After we had a quick dinner in Dún Chaoin Hostel we headed back to Waymont because the sky was still really clear and we thought: oh now is the time to watch a beautiful sunset! And we were lucky indeed; it was gorgeous to see the Great Basket Island go black, the sky turning red and orange and to feel the temperature drop as soon as the sun went down!


Waymont is perfect for a lot of things: just a quick look around after a long drive on the Wild Atlantic Way, a lunch spot or an amazing place to watch the day come to an end. It is just a couple of kilometers away from Dún Chaoin Hostel. You walk towards it if you follow the road along the hostel up the mountain, but you have to walk the last past along the road again so make sure you have reflective vests on! Book your bed in Dún Chaoin Hostel now and go explore!

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