Travel tips: 9 Mistakes travellers make

You just booked your flight for a trip of a lifetime. You are finally leaving your comfort-zone and getting out there. An adventure is about to begin. But do you know how to travel like a pro?

Are you lost-

Travel tips for first time travellers

We came up with a list of mistakes that every rookie makes on their first trip and how, using our travel tips, you can improve them. By traveling more, of course.

1. Are you afraid of locals?

This is one of the worst mistakes you can make while traveling, even if you’ve been in lots of places already. Never be afraid of locals, especially in Ireland. 😀 Ask them for directions, get to know them, hang around in pubs where locals usually hang around to get accustomed to their behavior. Understanding the cultural differences between countries is one of the most important parts of travel. Plus, how can you understand why Guinness is so important here, or fish & chips, if you don’t go in an off-the-beaten-track pub somewhere and meet people?

2. Are you trying to see everything?

We know Ireland is beautiful and Dublin has some amazing hidden secrets (check out Bull Island for example). Don’t try to see all of them at once. We are not going anywhere, so why not try to see just some parts. Get a feel for them, get some great photos, have fun as much as possible and then come back again. Ireland is one of thsoe places that gets repeat visitors.

3. Not enough money with you?

Hostelling is usually cheaper and with us you will get to save a lot of money. But on the other hand, what if you don’t have enough money with you for all the activities you want to do? Prepare your schedule from the very beginning and, as said at point 2, don’t try to visit too many places and exceed your budget. Be prepared for anything.

4. Packing too much?

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Anatomy of a backpacker

If you are planning to stay in hostels, you should know sleeping bags are not allowed due to hygene issues. Taking that in consideration, what’s the point of taking it with you if you are definitely not planning to sleep in a tent? Most of the things you can either get for free in hostels or for a small fee. Plus, make sure you know how the weather is going to be like before you leave (well, in Ireland you never know for sure). Don’t pack extra jackets if they are not actually necessary. And also check you have the correct backpack. One that is too big and empty just adds extra weight for nothing.

5. Buying too much stuff?

Well who doesn’t want a t-shirt with a leprechaun on it? We surely have one, so it’s normal to buy souvenirs and a lot more stuff when traveling. Just think that you have to carry them afterwards and then you end up at points 3 and 4 again. Take care of your money, your things and bring back important memories, not just objects. :)

6. Do you panic when something goes wrong?

In Ireland there is a saying: “May the luck of the Irish be with you”. Ok, it sounds a bit like Star Wars, but anyway, you may be out of luck sometimes. You lose something, for example. Don’t panic. Panic leads you to do worse things. Relax, take a deep breath and continue on your adventure to find that lost object or document. Or, if it’s not that important, leave it and just continue your journey. And if you get lost, just ask someone to help you! See, this is why it’s important to meet the locals. :)

7. Do you have insurance?

Never forget the insurance while traveling. When something goes wrong, this can come in handy. Either you get sick or you lose something, remember to have it with you safely.

8. You’re not flexible enough?

Being your first trip, maybe you want everything already planned from the very beginning: all the hostels, all the buses, trains, restaurants, museums, everything is planned and booked. Well, that is not always a good thing. Even though it sounds nice, you won’t be flexible enough to enjoy the little things that appear in front of you. Just go with the flow and discover places that have yet to make it into the guidebooks. That’s the beauty of traveling, isn’t it?

9. Why don’t you make friends?

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Sometimes, in your first trip, you might be a bit shy. The best thing about hostelling is that you can make lots of friends in all the corners of the world. Hostelling International has over 4000 hostels in 80 countries, why not talk to the people that you see there? Go for movie nights, music sessions, the pubs and restaurants from the hostels, play some pool or board games and socialize. You never know when a friendship from a hostel may come in handy!

What do you think are the mistakes that first-time travellers make? Leave your answer in the comment section below.

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