The Connemara Giant


Roy and I made a trip up to Ben Lettery Hostel in Connemara yesterday. When we were almost there he said there was something he wanted to show me. As enthusiastic as I am I couldn’t get my camera in my hands fast enough!

While I was wondering what it could be that he wanted to show me (because there was nothing around us except for the beautiful nature of Connemara) I saw a sign for Joyce’s Craft Shop. “One of the best craft shops in Ireland”. So I thought… is he really going to show me a craft shop? How can that be so special? He pulled over in the parking lot and pointed towards a statue looking out over the lake. It looked pretty cool so I took a closer look.

The Connemara Giant
The Connemara Giant

First I saw the statue and found it quite funny because it just looked like a giant man holding his own butt with one hand. Then I took a closer look at the sign and I had to read it at least twice before I understood and laughed out loud..

“This is Connemara (conn son of the sea) BUILT IN 1999 by Joyce’s craft shop for no apparent reason

Normally those kind of signs say something about a real special person, date or something else that happened on that spot. But not this one! I found it absolutely hilarious. Why on earth would you put up a giant statue for nothing, just for fun? That’s brilliant! They should do that all over the world to make people laugh more often, just for “no apparent reason!”

Behind the giant there is another sign, which is even more likely to be a sign of remembrance or something.  Maybe you have already guessed but that one is placed there for no particular reason as well..

connemara giant
“On this site in 1897 nothing happened”

It is so funny that it attracts so many people, and the giant even has his own Facebook page! I think this a perfect marketing for Joyce’s craft shop, the best marketing stunt ever!

Check out the Connemara Giant, it’s not to far from our Connemara Hostel and Ben Lettery Hostel!

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