2 girls with their bikes in temple bar, dublin

Cycling in Ireland vs Cycling in the Netherlands

  Visiting this blog you might have come across some blogposts from the Dutch intern at An Óige, Imke. Well, I’m her partner Heleen, and not too long ago I was approached with the question if I would like to write blogs for An Óige as well, so here I am! Just like her I […]

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Volunteer Tammie

  A German girl working in a remote hostel in the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland.. How did she end up here, what is she doing and what drives her to travel the world and discover new places? In Knockree Hostel I spoke with Tammie from Frankfurt, Germany. She is 18 years old and has been […]

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10 Photos That Prove Connemara Is A Spectacular Place All Year Round

Autumn is upon us, but that doesn’t mean you should stay home. When the summer season ends, the magic of Ireland continues … especially in Connemara. Here are 10 photos to prove it. And you know what they say – the camera doesn’t lie. 1. Winter looks like this. Sigh.   A photo posted by Margo (@makent) on Dec […]

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Top 5 Traditional Irish Music Pubs in Co Clare

Top 5 Traditional Irish Music Pubs in Clare

County Clare offers some of the best music, culture and scenery in all of Ireland. Not only is it home to the famous Cliffs of Moher, the moon-like Burren and gnarly surfing beaches, but you will find a mecca of traditional Irish culture and music. In fact, County Clare is the traditional Irish music capital […]

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Hostelling in Ireland

Meet our intern Hristos

We were very fortunate to have had Hristos on our team of interns at Dublin International Hostel. He came to us from France and quickly became a part of our family at the hostel in Dublin. We chatted with him about his thoughts on hostelling in Ireland. What were you doing before you came to Ireland? I actually had no idea that I would come to Ireland in […]

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hostelling in ireland

Meet our intern Femke

  At Dublin International Hostel we were very lucky to have Femke on our team of interns. She came to us from The Netherlands and quickly became a part of our family at the hostel in Dublin. We had a lovely chat with her about her thoughts on hostelling in Ireland. What were you doing before […]

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Culture Night Events

Our Top 15 Culture Night Events

This year Culture Night promises to be bigger and better than ever! Culture Night will celebrate it’s tenth year, and organisers expect around 350,000 people to take part this year. Over 900 venues around the island will open their doors to the public on Friday 18 September to celebrate culture, creativity and the arts. The best […]

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Aran Islands Day Trip

An Aran Islands Day Trip

Take a day trip to the Aran Islands for an authentic Irish experience. Here you can get away from ABSOLUTELY everything. The barren and rugged landscape is unique and beautiful. Irish is still spoken daily, and age-old traditions remain prevalent. Three islands off the west coast of Ireland make up the Aran Islands. From largest to […]

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landscape in donegal

5 things we love about Donegal

We love planning a trip to Donegal. It is one of our favourite places to visit. We like it so much that we have three hostels in Donegal. We don’t care that it is as far away from the East Coast as you can get without falling into the Atlantic. That just means an extra […]

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Cork Slang

Cork Slang

Cork slang is something that visitors to our hostel in Cork are always inquiring about. Hostellers love the place but they often remark how they talk “funny” in the Rebel County. To help those who are planning a trip to Cork or even our interns who don’t quite understand all the words we use, here’s […]

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