Unknown Waymont…

  Waymont was another thing that just came in our way while we were driving along the Wild Atlantic Way! We arrived at Dún Chaoin hostel around noon and we were up for a hike in the neighborhood. The weather was perfect, the sun was shining and I was even walking on my flip-flops with […]

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The Secret of Trá na Rosann

  Here you can read the story of Roberta, an Italian girl who comes to Trá na Rosann Hostel every year to volunteer. She will tell you how she fell in love with the county Donegal and how she found home in Trá Na Rosann Hostel. Read, and just wander off for a little bit… I first […]

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hostel staff in errigal

Friendly Hostel staff in Errigal

This month we pay a visit to one of the friendliest faces in our network – Sinéad O’ Donnell from Dunlewey in Donegal. How did you come to be part of the hostel staff in Errigal? Many moons ago the new Errigal Hostel was built. I had been a waitress before this, and I felt […]

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