Kristina Ferry

Staff Profile – Kristina Ferry

We have the chats with Kristina Ferry who is one of the staff in Errigal Youth Hostel in Dunlewey Co. Donegal 1.What three traits define you? Patient, funny and outspoken. 2. What is your personal philosophy? “You don’t kick me off” was an advice I got once a long time ago from a coach when […]

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edward wallace

Staff Profile – Edward Wallace

Edward Wallace works in Errigal Youth Hostel in one of the coolest places on the planet. We sent him a list of questions to see what he was up to when he is not waiting to welcome youth groups from all over the world. 1. What three traits define you? Passionate, reliable & avid tea […]

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universal design in errigal

Errigal Design Challenge

Last weekend saw the start of the Errigal Design Challenge which is a collaboration between An Óige and Griffith College of Interior Design. 24 students from the Griffith College of Interior Design headed for the hills of Donegal with their lecturers looking for inspiration to help us change the layout of our rooms. This project […]

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The Secret of Trá na Rosann

  Here you can read the story of Roberta, an Italian girl who comes to Trá na Rosann Hostel every year to volunteer. She will tell you how she fell in love with the county Donegal and how she found home in Trá Na Rosann Hostel. Read, and just wander off for a little bit… I first […]

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hostel staff in errigal

Friendly Hostel staff in Errigal

This month we pay a visit to one of the friendliest faces in our network – Sinéad O’ Donnell from Dunlewey in Donegal. How did you come to be part of the hostel staff in Errigal? Many moons ago the new Errigal Hostel was built. I had been a waitress before this, and I felt […]

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hills of donegal

Hills of Donegal

The hills of Donegal offer many lifetimes of beautiful places to visit. They are a dream destination for hillwalkers and rockclimbers alike. Errigal Youth Hostel in the village of Dunlewey is the perfect base for exploring some of the remoter sections of the hills of Donegal.In this post, Iain Millar tells us about just some […]

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landscape in donegal

5 things we love about Donegal

We love planning a trip to Donegal. It is one of our favourite places to visit. We like it so much that we have three hostels in Donegal. We don’t care that it is as far away from the East Coast as you can get without falling into the Atlantic. That just means an extra […]

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water activities in galway

Water Activities in Ireland

The great thing about our hostels is that they are ideal locations for water activities in Ireland. We have lakes, rivers and puddles galore. We get a few drops of rain now and then. We have a sea to the east and an ocean on the west so we are surrounded by water. As 10 […]

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wild atlantic equestrian

Horse riding in Ireland? Definitely

Horse riding in Ireland Ever thought of going horse riding in Ireland?  Seeing leprechauns while riding one of the most beautiful horses you’ve ever seen? Exploring the Wild Atlantic Way horseback riding? Well, one way of horse riding in Ireland is going to the Wild Atlantic Equestrian Centre up in Donegal, under the shadow of […]

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