Surfing with the Craic ‘n’ Crash crew

Craic ‘n’ Crash – Surf’s Up!

Surfing? No way, I have no idea how to do that! As far as I remember these thoughts were among my first ones when I learned about the upcoming surfing weekend in Tramore. However, I ended up doing just that at the spectacular beach of Tramore in Co. Waterford.

I arrived exactly a month ago in Dublin from Budapest, where I study International Business. It was an average working day when I started talking with Óisin – who is the organiser of the Craic ‘n’ Crash events –  and I realised that surfing would be an enjoyable weekend and being a professional surfer is obviously not a must. Óisin convinced me that I don’t have to be afraid of anything – except for the sharks ; ) , so I joined them.

surfing tramore

We left on a Friday afternoon and on the way our transport broke down. I thought it was the end of the weekend for us. Luckily we were rescued by a friendly Craic ‘n’ Crash volunteer and he drove us the whole way to Tramore from Dublin and we made it to the hostel before midnight. A three hour drive. What a hero!

In the Beach Haven Hostel, we were a group of 15, including a Chinese girl, some Spanish and mainly Irish. The people were very friendly and we could manage to spend a great time together. It would be hard to choose my favourite part of the weekend, as there are lots but I will never forget: having fun in the water and my first attempt at surfing, the very yummy barbecue as well as the Saturday night games. As this was my first Paddy’s Day in Ireland, I thought I should head back to Dublin on Sunday to see the parade and it was actually not easy to leave, because we were just lying in the sun at that time and talking. It was so relaxing that I nearly missed my bus, but the driver stopped the bus and let me on. Irish people are really very helpful when it comes to getting around the country.


I am sure of taking part in more “Craic” and also hope to see these Craic ‘n’ Crashers again!

Cannot wait for the next one guys!

Post by Anett Vigh

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  1. Oh, that’s slick! The first couple times I did Chicago I styead in a private room in a hostel. It was half as expensive as this place, but 25% as nice. If I can’t find a hotel deal the next time I do Boston, I’d definitely consider this hostel!

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