Hostels Sleep For Peace in 2016

“Gonna start a revolution from my bed”

– Noel Gallagher, singer, Oasis

In September every year, youth hostels sleep for peace in a global project to promote and strengthen the ideals of international unity. It happens on September 21st every year as this is the International Day of Peace. Since 1982 the United Nations have been celebrating this day through concerts, parades and various activities. They always ring the Peace Bell in New York, the giant Japanese Shinto bell which was cast from coins donated by children from around the world.

peace bell
Peace Bell in United Nations, New York

In 2013, HI-USA decided to mark the day by organising activities and events for staff and young people who stay in their hostels. They called it Sleep For Peace. Youth Hostels bring young people from around the world together on a daily basis so it seemed like a natural fit. Like most good ideas, this took off. Other National Youth Hostel Associations around the world have added their own events to the map and Sleep For Peace is now promoted by Hostelling International.

“Sleep For Peace proves that it is possible for people from different backgrounds and beliefs to come together to discuss peace amicably and openly, and even leave as friends. This happens in our hostels every day, but Sleep For Peace as a worldwide celebration makes this message even more powerful”

– Russ Hedges, (CEO) HI-USA

sleep for peace map
#SleepForPeace Hostel events

This is An Óige’s second year taking part in Sleep for Peace and it is great to see more and more hostel staff making time to create events to mark the day. This year our new Programmes Coordinator, Colin Keane, has run with the project and has reached out to our franchise hostels to become involved. From two hostels last year we now have eleven hostels taking part.

He has even somehow managed to convince the entire Head Office staff to wear blue as it is the theme (Shine Blue for Peace) for this year. Along with bed selfies and film nights we will also be collecting money to donate to GOAL because they do so much good work to help the innocent that are affected by war.

goal logo

If you are interested in finding out what each hostel is doing for #SleepForPeace, check out the list below

      •  Dublin International: Bucket collection, movie night, blue clothes day.
      •  Knockree: Bed selfies, bucket collection, blue clothes day.
      •  Glendalough: Bed selfies, bucket collection, blue clothes day.
      •  Cashel: Bucket collection, blue clothes day.
      •  Go Explore: Bed selfies, bucket collection, blue clothes day.
      •  Ben Lettery: Bucket collection, blue clothes day.
      •  Errigal: Bucket collection, blue clothes day.
      •  Killarney: Bucket collection, blue clothes day
      • Rowan Tree: Bed Selfies, general selfies, bucket collection, blue clothes day.
      • Sheilas: Bed selfies and bucket collection
      • Cong: Bucket collection, blue clothes day

sleep for peace

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