Friendly Hostel staff in Errigal

This month we pay a visit to one of the friendliest faces in our network – Sinéad O’ Donnell from Dunlewey in Donegal.

hostel staff in errigal

  1. How did you come to be part of the hostel staff in Errigal?

Many moons ago the new Errigal Hostel was built. I had been a waitress before this, and I felt I need for a change so I chanced my arm and asked for a job. I was told “Sorry no jobs available”. So off I went not quite sure what to do next. About a week later I get a phone call asking “can you start tomorrow?” and I haven’t looked back since :) That was 8 years ago. It was a totally new experience meeting people from all over Ireland and the world. I loved getting to tell them about all the things they should see and do in my area. That is just brilliant.

  1. Do you prefer mountains, cities or the coast? Why?

I’m very lucky to have the mountains surrounding where I live and also have the coast a short drive away. So I’m going to choose both mountains and coast as it never looks the same twice around here :)


  1. What is your favourite hostel in the network and why?

Well I’ve only been to four out of twenty-four so far (Errigal – of course, Dublin, Killarney and Glendalough). My favourite is ourselves as it’s such an amazing building and is located in such a beautiful place. If I had to pick another it would be Killarney Hostel because the house is stunning. I love old manor houses (huge Downton Abbey fan) so as soon as I could I went exploring it’s many rooms. It is so homely. I just loved it.

Killarney Hostel

  1. Describe your ideal hostel companion

After my better half and daughter, I’d have to say my hostel colleagues. We always have fun and a good laugh :)

  1. What is your favourite place near a hostel?

My favourite place will always be Glenveagh National Park. It has the tastiest food ever and lovely walks no matter the weather. It’s always a lovely escape.

Glenveagh Castle
Sculpture at Glenveagh Castle
  1. What do you always bring with you to a hostel?

I always bring a sense of adventure with me as you just don’t know what will happen in a hostel :)

errigal TV  room
Watching the World Cup
  1. What is your favourite book or website to browse in a hostel?

Working in a hostel is always busy so I get no real time to read a whole book. Google or Facebook is a great way to find out whats happening in the area you are staying in. But if in doubt ask at reception ;P

hostel staff in errigal
  1. What is your favourite meal to cook in a hostel?

My favourite meal is a meal that is cooked for me :)  Seeing people mix in the kitchen and some of the amazing food that is rustled up on a shoestring budget is fantastic.

hostel staff in errigal

  1. What is your advice to people who have never hostelled before?

Do it!! So many times I see people arrive on their own, not quite sure what to do next on their journey. Next thing they’ve linked up with other guests and their next adventure begins.


Irish Traditional Session
Session in Teach Billys

Thanks Sinéad!

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