Horse riding in Ireland? Definitely

Horse riding in Ireland

Ever thought of going horse riding in Ireland?  Seeing leprechauns while riding one of the most beautiful horses you’ve ever seen? Exploring the Wild Atlantic Way horseback riding? Well, one way of horse riding in Ireland is going to the Wild Atlantic Equestrian Centre up in Donegal, under the shadow of the great Errigal Mountain!

Horse riding in Donegal

We went up at Errigal Hostel this weekend and stumbled across this beautiful fella:

#repost from @hristosfleturis while up in Donegal at Wild Equestrian Centre!

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Yes, Wild Atlantic Equestrian Centre is home to one of the biggest horses Ireland has ever seen. When you go close to him you will feel so small and insignificant that you will wonder what is the purpose of life. Well, that or you will just wonder how can a horse get that big. He is truly one for the books:  

The centre has a great team that can definitely teach you the best on your first lesson. Because we were beginners, we went for one hour lesson on basic horseback riding techniques. Some of us were scared (I am not going to say all of us because I still want some dignity out of this). The kids that are out there to help you have the best smiles and they are extremely happy all the time. You can see how much they love the horses and you can’t help but love them too.

The great team from the Wild Atlantic Equestrian Centre! 5 min away from our #ErrigalHostel! A photo posted by Youth Hostels In Ireland (@anoigehostels) on

The centre has an Enchanted Forrest through which they ride daily. We didn’t see any leprechauns this time in the arena, but the view was grand:

wild atlantic equestrian

Situated at the base of Mount Errigal and seconds away from Lake Dunlewey, Wild Atlantic Equestrian Centre is close to Dunlewey Visitor Centre. From here you can try kayaking on the lake, lakeside walks, boatcruises and good food at the restaurant and tea room. Which is where we went after one hour of horse riding.

We became great friends with the horses while we were there. I think we can sum up the skills needed for a good trainer and a good equestrian centre in three points:

  • good guidance
  • not forcing anything
  • understanding

Say #HiIreland! At the Wild Equestrian Centre in Dunlewey, Donegal, the horses are extremely funny. And friendly, of course.

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We were definitely city slickers, so to speak, in horseback riding. Ended up in wanting more and definitely wanting to try horse riding by the ocean side in Ireland. Which the centre offers. Until you reach the ocean on the horse though, you need to start with the basics. Prices for lessons start from 15€ for children and adults and can end up at just 20€ for one hour trek around the Enchanted Forrest or 35-45€ for a 2 hour trek, just for experienced riders though.

Best part is that they offer a saddle club, so you can basically “own” your own horse for a limited period of time, take care of it, groom it, ride it and learn more in the meantime. Alo, carriage rides are provided!


Given that we fell in love with the horses there (especially Cyd for me), we would definitely want to have time to do that. This would mean to go there more often. Oh, isn’t that horrible? (insert irony here)

Want to book a lesson or a trek? Just go to their website here and find out more details. Stay at our Errigal Hostel and surely you’ll be in for a treat!

I’ll just let the photos from our Instagram profile @anoigehostels and video do all the talking. Are you ready for horse riding in Ireland?

2 thoughts on “Horse riding in Ireland? Definitely

  1. Hello, my name is John Hurst. My daughter is a third year student at Trinity College Dublin. I and my other 2 children will be visiting her from California and exploring Ireland in May. I would like to set up a 2 hour horse trek for my two daughters on Thursday, 19 May. Both are very familiar with horses (We have owned a few over the years) They are experienced riding western style. Please let me know if you have availability, and what I can do to secure it.

    Thank you for your help,
    John Hurst

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for your interest in horse riding in Ireland. Unfortunetely you can’t book any horse riding treks with us, the best thing to do for you is to contact The Wild Atlantic equestrian centre directly ( They can help you by booking a horse trek for you and your daughters. Hope you have an amazing time in Ireland!

      Kind regards,

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