Connemara in Springtime


Connemara in springtime is now sitting on our doorstep and it’s the time of year to plan the next adventure. You could do worse than head for Connemara where the water and the sky mix in the sunlight. Come with us to view this fairy tale landscape.

1. Firstly, we start off with a throwback to 2015. You can see that not much changes around here…


2. Then we shift back to the present with a nice springtime atmosphere.  


3. Next in line is a never-ending road to fairy tale land…

Anyone going on an adventure this weekend ? 🍂

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4. Everywhere you turn, there is a landscape worth the shot. 

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5. Even the local ”inhabitants” take a few minutes to just relax enjoy the view and maybe pose for a picture.


6. As the water flows past you, reflecting the sunlight, a feeling of tranquility and fulfillment takes over your mind. 

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