Cork Jazz Festival

The Cork Jazz Festival was celebrating its 50th anniversary on the 27th October. It is an annual music festival held in Cork City, always held in late October. The first festival began on Friday, 27 October 1978, and has taken place every year since. Impressive, right? It is Ireland’s biggest jazz event and attracts hundreds […]

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hostel companion application

Hostel Companion Application

Everyone needs a hostel companion for an adventure. Someone who has got your back and who can remember the way home if you suddenly lose the run of yourself (which can happen to the best of us) and you forget where you are. Most of us just find these special people by chance. To speed […]

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Supporting Youth Travel with ISSU

  On June 1st  An Óige, the Irish Youth Hostel Association, and the Irish Second-Level Students Union, launched their new partnership to make summer getaways in Ireland more affordable and accessible for students. In recent years An Óige has been reaching out to even more young people, to encourage them to explore and travel around […]

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11 Travel Tips for Young People in Ireland

  Travel tips for young people in Ireland tend to concentrate on the over 25s with plenty of money. Younger people tend to be forgotten about when it comes to travel. No more. We think Ireland is one of the most amazing countries in the world to explore for under 25s. You can’t get closer. […]

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Hike meme

8 Tips for your Gaisce Adventure Journey

The Gaisce Adventure Journey is often the most intimidating and fondly remembered part of the entire Gaisce experience. An Óige has recently teamed up with Gaisce to help cater for those doing the Adventure Journey for the Bronze award. If you’re not used to being active outdoors you could be nervous about experiencing the wilds […]

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An Óige Group Cycling Saftey Tips

Cycling in a group is different. There are more people, more interactions, more space taken up, and more ways for things to go wrong. The relationships between cyclists and car owners is a strained one so there is no need for any more opportunities to create further bad car-cyclist public relations. Just recently, the An […]

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Unknown Waymont…

  Waymont was another thing that just came in our way while we were driving along the Wild Atlantic Way! We arrived at Dún Chaoin hostel around noon and we were up for a hike in the neighborhood. The weather was perfect, the sun was shining and I was even walking on my flip-flops with […]

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family hostel

Top 10 Tips for Family Hostels

  I have to admit that I am a recent convert to Family Hostels. I stay in hostels when I am on surfing trips with friends or travelling on my own. All I need is a bed, a bit of wifi to check the weather and somewhere I can feel half-human. We stayed in hotels […]

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Group trip tips kids playing

Group Trip Tips

I have great memories of adventures with groups from when I was young. I was the child that went on every trip I could. I loved group activities, in school and clubs after school. Now I am older I still get to go away, but this time I bring groups of young people with me. Still awesome […]

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Top 10 Free Things to do in Dublin

Top 10 FREE Things to do in Dublin

  Dublin has loads of things to do! And many of the things you can do are free! We have compiled a list of our top free things to do in Dublin. Top 10 FREE Things to do in Dublin   1. The National Museum of Ireland – This actually includes three museums in Dublin: Decorative Arts […]

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