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In this blog post we will tell you more about one of our hostel managers: Avery. In 2003 Avery opened his own hostel in Tramore, better known as: Beach Haven Hostel. We had an interview with him and this is what he said:

What was your first hostelling memory?Beach Haven hostel manager Avery

The first hostel I have been to was in Banana Bunglow in San Diego. It was one of the only hostels in San Diego so it was very busy and it was one block away from the beach so needless to say the whole place was covered in sand. The sand was everywhere in the hostel from the big front porch, into the hall, into the rooms and even in the bathrooms, but the people were friendly and the vibe was very communal with travellers from all over the world.

Mountains, cities or coast? Why?

Coast, always coast! There’s something special about where the land meets the sea and how every place uses and makes the most of the coastline

What is your favorite hostel in the network and why?

Beach Haven off course! It’s the perfect size hostel, and it is situated close to Tramore Beach and town center.

Describe your ideal hostel companion. 

I love to travel with someone who is easy going and not too fussy. My perfect hostelling companion would be someone who is outgoing and up for a bit of fun!

What is your favourite place near a hostel?

The beach.

What do you always take with you to a hostel?

My own pillow to sleep on.

What is your favorite book or website to browse in a hostel?

I like to read short stories, because you can dip in and out of them whenever you have a quiet moment.

What is your favorite meal to cook in a hostel?

I am a big breakfast person so I love to bake bacon and eggs in the morning.

How did you come to work with An Oige?

I already had a B&B but wanted to provide a budget option for the young people or groups in town as well. Tramore is a great place to learn to surf or do other outdoor activities and I wanted to make that possible for everybody. The best thing about it is that I love meeting all the visitors and for folks to enjoy our town and hostel.”

What is your advice to people who have never hostelled before?

Give it a try and you might love it!



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