Calling All Adrenaline Junkies…

As some of you might already know, County Mayo has been crowned the adventure capital of Ireland. This is no surprise – with activity hot spots Westport and Clare Island, Mayo is the place to be for all adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies. To make sure you don’t miss out on all the craic, we decided to share our personal favourites and recommendations with you.

Water Adventures

Located on the North West coast of Ireland, Mayo has many water activities and adventures to offer for any type of adventurer. Beautiful cliffs and rock formations make kayaking a pleasant experience with plenty to look at – if you don’t tip over into the ice cold water, that is.

If this isn’t wild enough for you, hop onto your water skis or wake board and explore the coastline at a faster pace. Try not to loose your shorts, though, while you’re rushing.

While the visible part of this destination is majestic already, wait till you see what’s below the surface. Take a scuba diving course or, for those who are on a budget, rent a snorkeling set and see through the eyes of everyone’s favourite clown-fish, Nemo. Sure you won’t feel like a fish out of water!


Other popular water activities in Mayo are (kite) surfing and sailing. Check out Keel and Carrowniskey, two of the most popular surfing spots in the county. For those who prefer to visit a more quieter beach to work on their surfing skills, the Blur Flag beaches in and around Westport are very suitable as well.

Land Based Adventure

adventureWhen you’re out of the water and back on land, the adventure continues. Because of its many cliffs and rock formations, Mayo is the perfect destination for rock-climbing. Several climbing courses are offered throughout the county. Get your Spiderman on and climb those ‘walls’!

Another adrenaline boosting activity that can be done in Mayo is zip-lining. If you love that free-falling sensation, zip-lining cannot be missing on your bucket-list!

While there are plenty of other adventurous activities to do, such as coasteering, archery and hiking, there’s also a rather unique activity that you definitely cannot miss out on. Ever seen those videos online of people rolling downhill in a giant ball of transparent plastic? Well, now it’s your turn! You can either be harnessed into the ball or fill it with a little water and float in there. Whatever you choose, an unforgettable experience and adrenaline rush are guaranteed! “They see me rolling, they hating.”

Even though the list of activities doesn’t end here, I guess you get the idea of why Mayo is called the adventure capital of Ireland. If you are an adventurer of any kind, I suggest you pack your bags and visit this amazing place. Who said you’d have to go far to get a little adventure?

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