An Óige Weekly Hikes

An Óige Weekly Hikes


Weekly hikes are organised by An Óige and you can see these in the Hike Programme (you can also find a shortcut to the Hike Programme under “Inspire Me” – the last option on the top!). These walks are open to all members of An Óige and take place every Sunday, rain, hail or shine! Twice monthly, there are Midweek Hikes, taking place on Thursdays and on the second Saturday of each month there is also a hike organised.

These walks are all organised and run by volunteers and are a very important aspect of An Óige.

Please note: you must be a member of An Óige to go out on any of the hikes. It is therefore imperative to bring your membership card with you each Sunday as you will only be allowed to go on the hikes with your up to date membership card.


Membership Cards are available from the An Óige Head Office. Telephone 01-8826700 or pay online here.

  Payment by Credit Card and Laser acceptable.


The walks are suitable for all age groups and all fitness levels. Children under 14 need to be accompanied by an adult. Participants must be properly equipped e.g. proper rainwear including over trousers, hiking boots (NO RUNNERS), backpack, no jeans etc. Full details are included with each walk.


There are 3 different levels of walks:

  • Moderate
  • Easier Moderate
  • Easier


It is imperative that the instructions of the Hike Leaders be adhered to by those participating. The Leader sets the pace of the hike and walkers are expected to obey his/her instructions at all times.

Leaders have the right to refuse to take anyone who does not co-operate with them fully whom they consider would not be able to walk at a reasonable pace especially on the Moderate & Easier Moderate Hikes and who have not got the correct equipment i.e. rainwear, haversack and hiking boots. Anyone wearing jeans will not be allowed on the walks.

Walkers who go on Moderate Hikes should be fit and able to keep up with the hike.  A Co-ordinator has been appointed each Sunday to organise hikers on Eden Quay.


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