Adventure is closer than you think!

Do you love adventure? Our Craic’n’Crash crew do and we are going to organise it for you.

Craic’n’Crash is about a group of people who enjoy Ireland adventures coming together and enjoying a jam-packed weekend. It is run by a mix of interns and volunteers so we only ask you to pitch in with meals so everyone has a great and relaxing weekend, as it is the hostelling way.

If you fancy getting out into the wild and having some “craic” with like-minded people before you “crash” in one of our great hostels for the night, then this is for you!

We have put together some wild adventure breaks in our best hostel locations around Ireland which are open to everybody from 18 – 35 (ish).
All you need to do is sign up, boot up and turn up!

G’wan…Have an adventure…You know you want to!